The Vineyard

Dryridge Estate pioneered viticulture in the Blue Mountains and is the only licensed producer of local mountains wine. We are a boutique vineyard - our vines are hand-tended and hand-picked.

Vines planted include Riesling, Pinot Gris & Shiraz - in 2010 Tempranillio was grafted to some of our Shiraz vines.

Pioneering viticulture creates special challenges and considerable perseverance.  Establishing our vineyard was no exception. First, we had to clear hundreds of tons of rock and huge infestations of blackberry where we chose to plant our vines.

This effort was then compounded by the onset of a five-year drought once we had we planted our new vines and a prolonged struggle to establish them with limited water ensued. We have since had to deal with an extreme 1-in-80 year hailstorm and occasional severe frosts early in the growing season. 
Despite these obstacles we are now producing fine wine.