The Six Foot Track

The Six Foot Track traverses Dryridge Estate and is one of Australia’s finest scenic walks. It was built in 1887 to provide better access between Katoomba, the principal town in the Blue Mountains, and the Jenolan Caves located in the Great Dividing Range west of the Megalong Valley.

The Jenolan Caves are regarded as the oldest, best decorated and most complex in the world.  They were first discovered by European settlers in 1838 and became a major 19th Century tourist attraction despite the difficult journey by horse and buggy across rugged terrain from Tarana, then the closest railway station.  Recently-installed internal lighting further highlights the caves visual majesty.

The construction brief for the track provided for a passage six feet wide, so that two laden horses could pass each other -and the brief lives on as its name today. The 45 kilometre track starts at the Explorers’ Tree on the Great Western Highway three kilometres west of Katoomba; travels down Nellie's Glen to Megalong Road, past the Megalong Cemetery and across Dryridge Estate to the Cox's River Camping Ground and then onwards to the caves.

Three days are recommended for the complete walk when camping along the route, although many people make day trips to the Cox’s River from the estate turnoff. It is approximately 11 kilometres from the Explorers’ Tree to the estate and five kilometres from the estate to the Cox’s River Camping Ground - just two hours with a light pack.

Our Sunrise Lodge is a luxurious base from which to walk the track.

We suggest:

Drive in two cars to Katoomba. Leave one at the Explorers' Tree, then drive to Dryridge Estate in the second car and spend the evening at our Sunrise Lodge.

Drive to the Jenolan Caves the next morning, leave the car there and then walk back to the Sunrise Lodge - with a light pack this should take between seven to eight hours. Spend the second evening at the Sunrise lodge and complete the final leg of the walk the next morning.

Pick up the first car and drive back to Jenolan for the second


For those that like a challenge, The Six Foot Track is also famous for the Six Foot Track Marathon which is held in March each year and is a 45km marathon following the length of the trail.